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Maintained-by: Casper Dik <Casper.Dik@Holland.Sun.COM>

The following is a list of questions that are frequently asked about
Solaris 2.x and later. Where the FAQ mentions "Solaris 2.x", it
really refers to Solaris 2.x, Solaris 7 and later.

You can help make it an even better-quality FAQ by writing a short
contribution or update and sending it BY EMAIL ONLY to me. A
contribution should consist of a question and an answer, and increasing
number of people sends me contributions of the form "I don't know the
answer to this, but it must be a FAQ, please answer it for me"; please
don't send me those.


As you may have noted, I have switched employers and work for Sun as of
April 1st 1995. Sun is in no way responsible for the contents
of this FAQ.

The latest Solaris 2 FAQ, including an HTML version, and some other goodies
can be obtained through ftp from <>.

A new version of the FAQ is available with an index separate from
all questions, it's <>.
So it's a lot quicker to download. Also, an experimental FAQ search service
at <> is now available.

Please note that these addresses have changed because of a reorg. Just
replace "fwi" or "wins" in the old addresses with "science".

The HTML <> version
of the FAQ
contains references to most FTP sites and files mentioned
in the FAQ. The references to ftp sites are always to either HTML
files or directories, never to binary files.

I've added an index of questions and marked changed(*) and added
questions(+). The FAQ is being reorganized, time permitting.
The index is generated automatically, so there may be errors there.
Not all questions are in the section they belong in. Suggestions on
how best to subdivide/order the FAQ are welcome.

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