Solaris new links: Solaris Systems Administratorís Guide, Second Edition Solaris 10: tips and tricks for system administration. This blog explains how to use DTrace, ZFS, Solaris Zones and other technologies in Solaris
"Solaris is a superior operating system to HP-UX." Solaris documentations
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How can I setup my Solaris box to use with TWCNYC RoadRunner's cable modem service? How come once I boot up my Solaris machine hooked up to Cable-modem gets a weired Dhcp address like dhcp-497-34.
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The following is a list of questions that are frequently asked about Solaris 2.x and later. Where the FAQ mentions "Solaris 2.x", it really refers to Solaris 2.x, Solaris 7 and later. Sun SPARC Support Page A braindumps site for Certified Solaris Administrator
Sun Troubleshooting This area includes information from Sun documentation, course notes, Infodocs, and books on Solaris administration
Solaris allows you to tune, tweak, set and reset various parameters related to the TCP/IP stack while the system is running. Back in the SunOS 4.x days, one had to change various C files in the kernel source tree, generate a new kernel, reboot the machine and try out the changes. The Solaris feature of changing the important parameters on the fly is very convenient.
Solaris Tunable Parameters Reference Manual solaris-system is a site dedicated to sun's x86 solaris.
Some lastest information about sun will be updated. Lastest tools , articles , quiz & etc ....
This is a short paper to give you some feel for how to deal with the solaris operating system when you are faced with a fault, and need to restore the system to healthy operation quickly without resorting to pulling your CV from the bottom draw and calling the local employment agencies.
Solaris Systems Administratorís Guide, Second Edition Solaris Resources (Ultra/Intel)
This site is provided as an extension of my ongoing work as a UNIX system administrator at the University of Oregon, Eugene. I have received lots of helpful feedback from other system administrators and continue to integrate suggestions regarding content. The emphasis is on Solaris, but I try to link only to source files so that those running other versions of UNIX can also take advantage of this resource.
Sun Managers Summaries Archives Search This is a collection of resources and programs I have found usefull. This page is a contribution to the web community supporting SolarisX86 (and any derivitives thereof). Access1 is a library of timely technical information for the Sun developer community. Solaris On Intel Platforms HP-UX/Sun Interoperability Cookbook How can you tell how much memory you need? Introducing Sun's memory guru, who has written a white paper and some very powerful tools to help solve this problem
Most dial-up systems send outgoing mail to their ISP using SMTP and retrieve incoming mail using POP3. These pages describe the configuration of Solaris 7 for this typical case and cover the configuration of sendmail to send outgoing mail and the installation of fetchmail to retrieve incoming mail from a POP3 server. Sun Guru is a site dedicated to the SunOS / Solaris System Administrator, Programmer, and Engineer. Our site is the only Sun-related search engine of it's kind on the web. If you're new to the web or an old pro, you will find everything under the Sun for the Sun at Sun Guru. THE UNOFFICIAL GUIDE TO THE SOLARISô OPERATING ENVIRONMENT
As a Sun System Administrator you are faced with system crashes, network downtime problems, backup issues everyday. Solaris Central is maintained and operated by Duane Gran. He has used Solaris for four years, along with several other flavors of unix. This site was born (or bourne) out of a desire to document his own experience with running Solaris on a SPARC box. This seems so much more fun than maintainting a collection of bookmarks anyhow. ;)
solaris/ - Solaris resources A non-profit web site dedicated to the distribution of information about the computer systems and related software produced by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Sun Performance Information A web magazine dedicated to help gives you online access to an expanding library of Sun technical documentation on both hardware and software products.
Security Bugware - SUNOS & SOLARIS SYSTEM BUGS SunWorld is published monthly by IDG Communications, the world's largest publisher of computer-related information. IDG publishes the "For Dummies" series of books, and our sister titles include InfoWorld, PC World, and Computerworld, as well as 275 others.
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