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UNIX new links:

Free practice exams and study guides for the Comptia A+ exam.
Quick Reference Cards C/JAVA/Perl, etc.
http://www.linuxcommands.org/ A new search engine for unix/linux.
Unix System Administration Hints and Tips
ITJobsWatch offers a free and unique perspective on today.s IT jobs market. Our aim is to present a concise and accurate map of the prevailing IT jobs market conditions.
http://www.itsupplies.net These guys sell alot of low-end kit at VERY reasonable prices, they are UK based, but from the look of their forum, sell world wide..
http://www.coolcommands.com coolcommands.com... the search engine for unix sysadmins which provides access to cool commands and scripts for different flavours of unix.
http://www.tech-centric.net found some great unix jobs there
http://www.chassis-plans.com Industrial computer source for rackmount chassis and SPARC enclosures, rack mount LCD keyboard monitor displays, single board computers. Experts at custom system definition and integration.
http://www.uptimesoftware.com up.time is a low cost server performance & availability monitoring for mission-critical servers. up.time installs in minutes and instantly lets you graphically report server resource metrics plus monitor your critical services and applications.
http://www.mrEriksson.net/uptimes The Uptime Project! The Uptime Project aims to collect interesting data and statistics about computer usage from all over the world, and related to the operatingsystem used.
http://www.sun-microsystems.org/ The Sun-Microsystems.org Web is designed to be a first place to look for information on Sun's products, technologies, and programs primarily for the use of System Administrators. The goal is to eliminate hours long research projects, searching other webs and following links to product group websites of varying formats to find information about Solaris, Java and Sun HighEnd servers.
Hands On Technology Transfer, Inc. offers you the chance to learn UNIX Fundamentals, Linux System Administration, and POSIX or Korn Shell Programming in an instructor-led, hands-on, small class setting in any of 75 cities throughout the United States and Canada.
http://www.remotebackupsystems.com/ Offers backup software, online storage, online file storage, free backup software, free data backup internet backup, remote backup service, free internet storage backup utilities and server monitoring software
This Perl script was designed to facilitate of domains management on Unix based web servers with Apache installed
http://www.bosbc.com The site mentioned on the OpenVms/BACKUP/Vbackup page (http://www.unixguide.net/compaq/faq/Misc5.shtml)is no longer www.bbc.com/vbackup.html but has been changed to www.bosbc.com/vbackup.html
KOM Networks designs and delivers innovative solutions to today's data storage management problems. Our Automated, policy-based file management, storage virtualization and archive storage management products provide enterprises with unmatched control over their data, for the life of their data, utilizing a wide range of storage technologies.
http://www.cdripper.com-http.com/ Offer free cd ripper software to rip audio cd to mp3, wma, ogg vorbis, wav format files.
http://www.memoryxsun.com/ This site carries alot of Sun product with good prices.
http://www.rackmountmart.com Rackmount Chassis and Rackmount LCD Source.Provide rackmount chassis, rackmount, rackmount lcd, rackmount monitor, kvm switch, disk array, barebone server, single board computer, industrial computer, mobile rack, server rack, power supply, server case, raid tower, pc case, accessory, cabinet server rack, raid backplane , riser card and monitor enclosure.
Novelty,wrist brace for the therapy and prevention of the carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis of wrist
http://www.lcd-monitor-online.com Great Prices on LCD Flat Panel Monitors, LCD Monitors, Touch Screen LCD Screens, LCD Displays, & Rackmount LCD Monitors! Also know as LCD Flat Panel Displays, LCD Computer Monitors Rack Mount Monitors, & Flat Panel LCD Video Monitors.
http://www.atcs.net Training and consulting in Unix (SCO OpenServer, SCO UnixWare), Linux (RedHat, SCO, Caldera), Internet, Programming, Tarantella, and more!
http://www.polarhome.com polarhome.com is non commercial, educative effort for popularization of shell enabled operating systems, offering shell accounts and other Internet services on all available systems. Currently available systems are: Linux/Redhat, Linux/Debian, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, AIX, Ultrix, OpenVMS/Alpha, OpenVMS/VAX
Solaris administration portal and Unix Resource center for the use of Solaris in mobile server applications
http://www.top-consulting.net G-Tech Consulting offers quality Unix consulting services at very reasonable prices. We can assist your organization in installing an open-source operating system and further configure & administrate it. We can also help you install and configure various services such as http, smtp, ftp, etc. Call us at any time at: 1-514-831-0221!
http://www.livefirelabs.com LiveFire Labs proudly offers online training on advanced computer topics, such as UNIX and Linux, with hands-on lab exercises on real servers. Courses developed by experienced technology professionals. Review our sample online course.
http://www.netbsd.org/ NetBSD is a free, secure, and highly portable UNIX-like operating system available for many platforms, from 64-bit AlphaServers and desktop systems to handheld and embedded devices.
http://www.sun-microsystems.org A totally oriented Portal to join Open Source community efforts to Sun Microystems. Collaborative projects on Java, Gnome and Solaris are a Must in our Unix word. Solaris administrators as well as developers can find any Solaris Package they need as easily as they click. Internal Sun employees maintains all forums about SunOne, Solaris on Intel and Sparc.
http://www.datacenterresources.com Sun specific and general rack mount server cabinets, KVM solutions for Sun, serial devices and mixed platforms - including KVM over IP. High density power distribution units.
http://www.server-rack-online.com Great Prices on Server Racks, Computer Cabinets, & Rack Mount Accessories: Customizable 19 inch Server Rack, Data Cabinet, LAN - Network Equipment Enclosures, Relay Racks, and 23" EIA Telco Enclosures
http://www.jftechnologies.net We offer customized email systems for unix servers, developed in perl and java. Its easy to install and dont require and special server configuration. We also offer offshore programming and web designing.
http://www.mreriksson.net/faqs/netbsd/ FAQ for the NetBSD operating system.
http://www.4schmidts.com/memconf.html Please update your web page at http://www.unixguide.net/sun/manager/6.3.shtml to reference the URL above instead for my memconf perl script.
http://www.42u.com/ Solutions provider of KVM Switch and Unix Console Server Management, Remote Access and Remote Reboot Products
http://www.admin-sys.com For administrator UNIX
http://bhami.com/rosetta.html A Sysadmin's Unixersal Translator (ROSETTA STONE) OR What do they call that in this world? Categories: hardware, firmware, devices, disks, kernel, boot, swap, files, volumes, networking, security, backup, software, patching, tracing, logging, references
http://www.sanface.com/ Perl5 or executable tools to make pdfs (from textual reports, jpegs, ...)
http://www.sandyxsystems.co.uk/scripts A site dedicated to bringing useful scripts and websites to the UNIX community. Although biased towards Solaris, the site caters for many flavours of UNIX.
http://mojolin.com Full featured, free, international, Unix, Linux and Embedded Jobs and Resumes. Perl, python, apache, PHP, Mysql jobs and more. Automatic logins, saved searches, advanced searches, nightly email agents, discussion mailing list, jobs posted to usenet, company directory, syndication of jobs via xml and more.
http://labtam-inc.com Offering software solutions for PC to UNIX conectivity. X-Server, NFS client server, SSH client, FTP software.
Hello, My name is Mark Lewis and I am the editor of searchEnterpriseServers.com. (http://searchEnterpriseServers.techtarget.com) searchEnterpriseServers.com is a free directory of Unix and Linux server information with a membership of over 50-thousand. We offer news, tips, expert advice, online events and Best Web Links focused on Unix and Linux. UNIX-Guide has been added to our Best Web Links sections on Unix OS, Unix Systems Management and Linux. We would appreciate any reciprocal link that you can add to your site. Thanks, Mark Lewis Site Editor searchEnterpriseServers
http://dhs.state.ar.us:/aix/ Useful Aix links and 3 party tools
http://www.netsys.com Solaris, BSDI, Internet Security
http://www.tatung.nl Tatung Netherlands supplies Sparc COMPatible workstations/servers in Europe.
http://www.daou.com Need a UNIX consultant? Contact DAOU Systems, Inc. to solve all of your UNIX needs.
http://www.mobicosoft.com Internet mail, teamware, calendar adn address server with rich wireless and syncronization features for Solaris, Linux and FreeBSD
http://unix.ittoolbox.com ITtoolbox Unix offers forums for technical discussion, an integrated directory, white papers and daily news geared towards Unix professionals and users of Unix products. The portal also provides content, community, job postings and much more.
The following set of tutorials reflects an effort to give Unix programmers and programmers wanna-be a chance to get familiar with various aspects of programming on Unix-like systems, without the need to buy an expensive set of books and spending a lot of time in understanding lots of technical material. The one assumption common to all tutorials (unless stated otherwise) is that you already know C programming on any system.
http://www.deepakchebbi.com An Emerging full fledged Technical Website that shows skillful orchestration of Oracle, Unix, Windows NT, and Web Interfaces
Getting started with awk This qref is written for a semi-knowledgable UNIX user who has just come up against a problem and has been advised to use awk to solve it. Perhaps one of the examples can be quickly modified for immediate use.
http://perso.wanadoo.fr/levenez/unix/ This diagram is only a very simplify unix history. There are a lot more unix like systems than those listed in this chart, maybe 10 times more ! Some years ago, every electronic company has it's own unix system. For example, my company was selling an unix, derivated from another one, and those two are not in this chart because there are too small. So this diagram is only the upper part of an iceberg, with a penguin on it ;-).
http://www.washington.edu/R870/ Unix System Administration - A Survival Course
A brief look at the background and history of UNIX.
http://www.uwsg.indiana.edu/usail/ The USAIL project is both an independent study course for prospective system administrators and a reference resource. As more universities and other institutions take advantage of the World Wide Web as an educational medium, more information on system administration becomes available online. We hope that USAIL can serve as a central location for accessing that information.
http://www.backupcentral.com/ Backup Central contains hundreds of resources for anyone who finds themselves dealing with backup and recovery. If you perform occasional backups or recoveries, you'll find the native backup utility quick references quite helpful.
FAQs, Patches, & Other Information
http://syssumm.sourceforge.net/ syssumm (AKA "System Summaries") is a collaborative open source project developing a set of Perl scripts that generate a profile of a computer's hardware, software, and network configuration that can then be viewed with a browser.
http://www.ugu.com/ The Official Home Page for Unix System Administrators
http://bounce.to/vi help on vi editor for unix operating system
http://www.sage.org/ The System Administrators Guild is a Special Technical Group (STG) of the USENIX Association. It is organized to advance the status of computer system administration as a profession, establish standards of professional excellence and recognize those who attain them, develop guidelines for improving the technical and managerial capabilities of members of the profession, and promote activities that advance the state of the art or the community.
http://www.unixreview.com/ unixreview.com, CMP.s community for UNIX professionals. Expect to see news, reviews, and in-depth articles on Linux, open source software, BSD, UNIX administration, Linux, development, security, Linux, and other UNIX topics. unixreview.com will integrate the performancecomputing.com, linux-IT.com, and unixiNTegration.com Web sites and the Sys Admin magazine Web site. And Linux. We hope to be adding new content more or less daily.
http://www.unixpower.org/ UNIX - /yoo'niks/ Plural "Unices". An interactive time-sharing operating system invented in 1969 by Ken Thompson after Bell Labs left the Multics project, originally so he could play games on his scavenged PDP-7. Dennis Ritchie, the inventor of C, is considered a co-author of the system. By 1991, Unix had become the most widely used multiuser general-purpose operating system in the world. Many people consider this the most important victory yet of hackerdom over industry opposition.
http://www.rootprompt.org/ Nothing but Unix.
http://www.unixcert.net/ The UNIX Certification website.
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