AIX Logical Volume Reduction Procedure

AIX logical volume reduction procedure.

1. Export all volume groups except for rootvg

    exportvg  VGDATA

2.  Set tape device block size to 512

    chdev -l rmt0 -a block=512 -T

3. Create a rootvg backup using mksysb

     mksysb -i /dev/rmt0

4. Reboot the system from CDROM

5. From the "Welcome to Base Operating System Installation and Maintenance" choose "Change/Show Installation Settings"   and  "Install"

6.  Toggle the "Shrink File System" to  YES. You will then be  prompted to select a new size.
      (Make sure you leave enough space to restore your mksysb image)

7.  Insert the mksysb backup tape and select "Continue with choices indicated above"

9.  Reboot the system and import all exported volume groups

     importvg  VGDATA