AIX: ADSM tasks

AIX: ADSM tasks

       To checkin new tapes:

            label libvolume {3570a} checkin=scratch
                search=bulkhead labelsource=prompt

            query actlog begintime=-00:01

                { look for log that says reply with process ## }

             reply ##

            query actlog begintime=-00:01

            { where ## is usually +1 from previous reply }

             reply ## label={tape label}

     To checkout tapes:

            checkout libv {3570a} {volume-name}


            query session             { display connection }

            query occupancy        { display tape usage }

            query node                 { display all defined nodes }

            query drive                 { display status of drives }

            query libvolume          { display scratch tapes availability }

            query content             { display tape volume file contents }

            query process             { display pending process }

            query mount               { display mounted volumes }

Client Configuration Files:


ServerName   adsmserver


Servername etcsrv1
TCPPort          1500
PasswordAccess   generate

Command for backups:

                /usr/lpp/adsm/bin/dsmc archive -TAPEPrompt=no -SubDir=yes /data

Command for restoring files:

                /usr/lpp/adsm/bin/dsmc restore /data