IBM: I4 licensing tasks

AIX: I4 Licensing tasks

     Make sure the Resource Controller daemon is running

       lssrc -a

    If its down restart the Resource Controller daemon.

        ps ax | grep srcmstr
        kill pid                         # process id of  srcmstr

    Check for  i4ls subsystem

       lssrc -g iforls
       cd /var/ifor/
       ./i4cfg -list

       i4llmd subsystem must be active

     Start the i4 subsystem

       i4cfg -start

    The following filesets must be installed before i4 to work.

             ifor_ls.base.cli                        C    License Use Management Runtime
             ifor_ls.base.gui                       C    License Use Management Runtime
             ifor_ls.client.base                   C    License Use Management Client
             ifor_ls.client.gui                     C    License Use Management Client
             ifor_ls.compat.cli                   C    License Use Management
             ifor_ls.compat.gui                   C    License Use Management

      Reconfigure i4 and re-enroll new license

           ./i4cfg  -script

i4cfg Version 4.5 AIX -- LUM Configuration Tool
(c) Copyright 1995-1998, IBM Corporation, All Rights Reserved
US Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication or disclosure
restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.

Subsystem         Group            PID     Status
 i4llmd           iforls           14812   active

Configuration cannot take place until all licensing subsystems are stopped.

Do you want to terminate them NOW? [y,n]: y
0513-044 The stop of the i4llmd Subsystem was completed successfully.

From a License Management point of view,
you can choose to configure this system as:

     1) Network License Client
     2) Nodelock License Server (and/or Network License Client)
     3) Network (and/or Nodelock) License Server
     4) Central Registry (and/or Network and/or Nodelock) License Server (*)

(*) Remember that one and only one Central Registry License Server (i4gdb daemon) can be active
    in a Licensing domain.

Please indicate your choice [1,2,3,4]: 2

Do you want to disable remote administration of this Nodelock License
Server? [y,n]: y

Choose the desired Server(s) logging level
      1) Default
      2) All
      3) Customized

Please indicate your choice [1,2,3]: 1

The default Log file(s) path is /var/ifor
Enter blank to accept default or specify a new path:

Server configuration is complete.

Do you want to configure this machine as a Network License Client too? [y,n]: n

Do you want the License Server(s) automatically start on this system
at boot time? [y,n]: y

WARNING: Configuration is about to end.
         This is your last chance to quit before your updates will be written.

Do you want to continue? [y,n]: y

 *** Configuration file updated. ***

Do you want the License Server(s) start now? [y,n]: y
0513-059 The i4llmd Subsystem has been started. Subsystem PID is 14844.

'Start Services' has completed successfully

* Configuration completed successfully *

           ./i4blt -a -f  /usr/ibmcxx/cxx36_cn.lic -R u -T 10

           chmod 1777 /var/ifor