Solaris Crash Recovery and Fault Analysis


This is a short paper to give you some feel for how to deal with the
solaris operating system when you are faced with a fault, and need to
restore the system to healthy operation quickly without resorting to
pulling your CV from the bottom draw and calling th

Solaris 7 Network Installation(Custom Jumpstart)

Installing solaris over the network, involves a series of steps that must be taken before the actual installation. In this example we will be installing an Ultra 2 machine. We will be using the CD-Rom drive of the install server (lito) as the installation image.

HP-UX: Create a new software depot for patches:

Creating a separate software depot for your patches is useful,
when space is tight and patches have dependencies.

Assuming you have two patches PHNE_20000 and PHNE_20001.

unshare all two patches by typing the following commands.

sh PHNE_20000
sh PHNE_20001

Next, we have to create a new software depot on the directory /newdir/depot

HP-UX: Core Dump Analysis

#adb -m /var/adm/crash/crash.0/vmunix  /var/adm/crash/crash.0

HP-UX: Booting from an alternate kernel

Press a key, while PDC  is waiting for the 10 seconds manual overide.

Autosearch for boot path enabled

To override, press any key with 10 seconds.

Boot from primary boot path (Y or N)?> N
Boot from alternate boot path (Y or N)?> N
Enter boot path, comman, or ?>

HPUX:  PDC version  w/out rebooting.

                    The current revision of Firmware can be determined using on-line
                    diagnostics.  If on-line diagnostics are not present on your

HP-UX: Disk and Filesystem tasks

HP-UX: Disk and Filesystem tasks

   Search for attached disk

                ioscan -fnC disk

   Initialize a disk for use with LVM

                pvcreate -f /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0

HP-UX 10.x System Administration

  • Software Mangement
    • Software on localhost

    • /var/adm/sw/products/ - subdirectories for each product installed
      /var/adm/sw/patch/ - subdirectories for each patch installed

Linux notes:telnet server

RedHat AS 3.0 telnet server


login: joe
Password for joe:
login: Cannot resolve network address for KDC in requested realm while getting initial credentials


By default the RH AS 3.0 does not install the telnet-server package.<


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