POP3 Server error


-ERR Can't get lock.

NIS+: Changing the IP address of a NIS+ server

NIS+: Changing the IP address of a NIS+ server

1. First you need to dump the  NIS+ files

  # mkdir -p /var/tmp/nisfiles
  # cd /var/tmp/nisfiles

Solaris OneLiners

Unix/Solaris: One-Liners
Source: http://www.kevlo.com/~ebs/unix_commands.txt

Listed here are a bunch of unix commands.

--> change file date stamp
touch –t 199906042020 filename

--> move partitions
ufsdump 0f - /dev/rdsk/c0t0s0s0 | (cd /home; ufsrestore xv -)

Expanding Solaris filesystems

Expanding Solaris filesystems:

These undocumented options are there to support growfs in Solstice Disk Suite. And yes, you can use them directly (at your own risk) - this
 has been discussed on comp.unix.solaris before. I've used them to expand a mounted filing system (although it wasn't the root) while the
 system was running.

Beginner's guide to armoring Solaris 2.6

preparing solaris for a firewall
Armoring Solaris

Lance Spitzner
Last Modified: 7 April, 2000

 Sendmail: Mr. X

        My first encounter with Mr. X was a six years ago when for some reasons mails were bouncing like Ping-Pong balls. After a frantic long distance call, the support staff told me about the solaris sendmail bug, it won't talk to a mail exchanger.


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